Survey of London: Coleman Street Ward

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NExt to Cheape warde on the North side thereof is Colemanstreet Ward, and beginneth also in the East, on the course of Walbrooke in Lothbury and runneth west on the South side to the end of Iron
mongers lane
, and on the North side to the West corner of Bassings hall stréet. On the South side of Lothburie is the stréet called the old Iurie, the one halfe and better on both sides towards Cheape is of this Ward. On the North side lyeth Cole
, whereof the ward taketh name, wholly on both sides North to London wall, and from that North ende along by the wall, and Moregate East, to the course of Walbrooke. And a
gain from Colemanstreet west to the yron grates: and these be the bounds of this warde.
Antiquities to be noted therein are these: First the stréete of Lothberie, Lathberie, or Loadberie, (for by all these names haue I read it) tooke the name (as it séemeth) of Berie, or Court of old time there kept, but by whom is growne out of memorie. This stréete is possessed for the most part by Founders, that cast Can
dlestickes, Chafingdishes, Spice morters, and such like Copper or Laton workes, and do afterwarde turne them with the foot and not with the whéele, to make them smooth and bright with tur
ning and scrating (as some do tearme it) making a lothsome noyce to the by passers, that haue not béene vsed to the like, and there
fore by them disdainfully called Lothberie. On the South side of this stréet, amongst the Founders by some faire houses, and large for merchants, namely one that of old time was the Iewes Sina
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The Iewes Si
nagogueMoEML is still seeking information regarding this entry. If you have information to contribute, please email the MoEML team.

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which was defaced by the citizens of London after that they had slaine 700. Iewes and spoyled the residue of their goods in the yeare 1262. the 47. of Henry the third. And not long after in the yeare 1291. King Edward the first banished the renmant of the Iewes out of England, as is aforeshewed. The said sinagogue being so suppressed certaine Friers got possession thereof: For in the yeare 1257. (saith Mathew Parris) there were séene in Lon
a new order of Fryers, called de penitentia Iesu, or Fratres de sacca,
Fratres de sacca or de pe
because they were apparelled in sackecloth, who had their house in London, néere vnto Aldersgate without the gate, and had licence of Henry the third, in the 54. of his raigne, to re

from thence to any other place: and in the 56. he gaue vnto them this Iewes SinagogueMoEML is still seeking information regarding this entry. If you have information to contribute, please email the MoEML team.

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: after which time Elianor the Quéene, wife to Edward the first tooke into her protection, and warranted vnto the Prior, & brethren de Penitentia Iesu Chri
of London, the said lande and building in Colechurch stréete in the parish of S. Olaue in the Iurie, and S. Margaret in Lothbery by her granted, with consent of Stephen de Fulborne, vnder Warden of the Bridge house, & other brethren of that house for lx. marks of siluer, which they had receiued of ye said Prior & brethren of Repentance, to the building of ye said bridge. This order of friers gathered many good schollers, & multiplyed in number exceedingly, vntill the counsell at Lyons, by the which it was decréede, that from that time forth there should no more orders of begging Fry
ers be permitted, but only the foure orders, to wit, the Dominick or preachers, the Minorites or Gray Fryers, the Carmelites or white Fryers, and the Augustines: and so from that time the begging Friers decreased, and fell to nothing. Now it followed that in the yeare 1305. Robert Fitzwalter
Robert Fitz
walter his house.
requested and obtai
ned of the said king Edward the first, that the same Fryers of the Sacke might assigne to the said Robert their chappel or church, of old time called the Sinagogue of the IewesMoEML is still seeking information regarding this entry. If you have information to contribute, please email the MoEML team.

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, néere adioyning to the then mansion place of the same Robert, where now standeth the Grocers hall: and the said Sinagogue was at the North cor
ner of the old Iurie. Robert Large Mercer, Mayor in the yeare 1439. kept his Mayoraltie in this house, and dwelled there vntill his dying day. This house standeth and is of two parishes, as o
pening into Lothberie, of S. Margarets parish, and opening into the old Iurie, of S. Olaues parish. The said Robert Large gaue liberally to both these parishes, but was buried at S. Olaues, Hugh Clopton Mercer Mayor, 1492. dwelled in this house, and kept his Mayoraltie there: it is nowe a Tauerne, and hath to signe a Windmill. And thus much for this house sometime the Iewes SinagogueMoEML is still seeking information regarding this entry. If you have information to contribute, please email the MoEML team.

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, since a house of Fryers, then a Noble mans house: after that a marchantes house, wherein Mayoralties haue beene kept, and now a wine Tauerne.
In the Olde Iurie is a proper parish Church of S. Olaue, in which to the commendation of the parishioners, the monumentes of the deade remaine lesse defaced then in many other: First of

VVilliam Dickman Ferono, or Ironmonger one of the She
riffes 1367. Robert Haueloke Ironmonger, 1390. Iohn Or
Mercer one of the Sheriffes 1385. Iohn Forest Uicker of S. Olaues, and the chappell annexed of S. Stephen 1399. Henry Eriole Taylor, 1400. Thomas Morsted Esquire Chirurgion to Henry the fourth, fift and sixt, one of the Sheriffes, 1436. hee builded a faire new Ile, to the inlargement of this church, on the North side thereof, wherin he lyeth buried 1450. Adam Break
Chaplen 1411. VVilliam Kerkbie Mercer 1465. Ro
bert Large
Mercer Mayor 1440. He gaue to that Church 200 pound. Iohn Belwine Founder, 1467. Gabriel Raue Fuller 1511. Wentworth Esquire 1510. Thomas Michell Iron
1527. Giles Dewes seruant to Henry the seuenth, and to Henry the eight Clearke of their libraries, and Schoolemaister for the French tongue to Prince Arthur, and to the Ladie Mary, 1535. Richard Chamberlaine Ironmonger, one of the She
riffes 1562. Edmond Burlacy Mercer 1583. &c.
From this parish church of S. Olaue, to the North ende of the Old Iurie, and from thence West to the North ende of the Iron
mongers lane
, and from the sayde corner into Ironmongers lane almost to the parrish Church of Saynt Marten, was of olde time one large building of stone, very auncient, but of what antiquitie, or by whom the same was builded, or for what vse I haue not learned more then that king Henry the 6. in the 16. of his raigne, gaue the office of being Porter or keeper thereof, vnto Iohn Stent for tearme of his life, by the name of his principall pallace in the olde Iurie: this was in my youth called the old war
: but of later time the outwarde stone wall hath béene by lit
tle and little taken downe, and diuers fayre houses builded there
vpon, euen round about.
Now for the North side of this Lothburie, beginning againe at the East end thereof, vpon the water course of Walbrooke haue ye a proper parish church called of S. Margaret, which séemeth to be newly reedified and builded about the yeare 1440. for Robert Large gaue to the Quire of that church, 100. shillings and twen
tie pounde for ornamentes, more to the vaulting ouer the water
course of Walbrooke by the saide church, for the inlarging thereof two hundred markes.

There be monumentes in this church of Reginald Coleman sonne to Robert Coleman buried there 1383. This saide Ro
bert Coleman
may be supposed to be the first builder and honor of Coleman stréete, and that Saint Stephens church then builded in Coleman streete was but a chappell, belonging to the parish Church of Saint Olaue in the Iury: for we reade (as afore) that Iohn Forest Uicker of Saint Olaues, and of the chappel annexed of S. Stephen, deceased in the yeare 1399. This may bee some argument, which I ouerpasse. Sir Brian Tewke knight, Trea
surer of the chamber to King Henry the eight, and Dame Grisil
his wife that deceased after him was there buried, 1536. Iohn Fetiplace Draper Esquire 1464. and Ioan his wife. Sir Hugh VVitch Mercer Knight, sonne to Richard VVitch intombed there 1466. He gaue to his third wife thrée thousand pounde, and to maides mariages fiue hundred markes: Sir Iohn Leigh 1564 with this Epitaph.
No wealth, no prayse, no bright renowne no skill,
No force, no fame, no princes loue, no toyle,
Though forraigne land by trauaile search ye will,
No faithfull seruice of the country soyle
Can life prolong one minute of an houre,
But death at length will execute his power,
For Sir Iohn Leigh to sundry countries knowne,
A worthy knight well of his prince esteemde,
By seeing much to great experience growne
Though safe on seas, though sure on land he seemde,
Yet here hee lyeth too soone by death opprest,
His fame yet liues, his soule in heauen doth rest.
By the West end of this parish church haue ye a faire water Conduit, builded at the charges of the cittie, in the yeare one thou
sand fiue hundred fortie sixe. Sir Martin Bowes being Mayor: this water is conueyed in great abundance from diuers springes without the North wall of the cittie, lying betwixt Hoxton and Iseldon.
Next is the Founders Hall, a proper house, and so long West to the Southwest corner of Bassinges Hall stréete, haue ye

fayre and large houses for marchantes: namely the corner house. at the ende of Bassinges hall streete, an old peece of worke buil
ded of stone &c. a part whereof hath beene lately imployed as a market house for the sale of Wollen, Bayes,
The Bay hall.
Wodmels, Fla
nels and such like. In this north side against the olde Iury, is Colemanstreete, so called of Coleman the first Builder and Ow
ner thereof, as also of Cole church or Coleman church, against the great conduite in Cheape. This is a fayre and large streete re
plenished on both sides with diuers fayre houses, besides Allies and small Tenementes in great number.
On the east side of this streete, almost at the north ende there
of, is the Armorers hal: also on the same side is kinges Alley, and Loue lane, both conteyning many Tenements. And on the west side towardes the south end is the parish Church of S. Stephen, where the monumentes are defaced, there is one Tombe on the South side the Quire but without inscription. I read that Tho
mas Bradbury
Mercer Maior, in the yeare 1509. was buried there, his Tomb is on the north side the Quire, & also one Edmond Harlocke Curriar to bee a great benefactor, Sir Iohn Garme, Skirringham, 1468. Richard Hamney 1418. Richard Colsel, &c. By the east end of this church is placed a Cocke of sweete water,
Cocke of water by the Church.
taken out of the maine pipe that goeth into Lothbery: also in London wal
Coduite at London wal.
directly against the north end of Coleman streete, haue yee a conduite of water made at the charges of Thomas Ex
Goldsmith Maior, 1517. And let here be the ende of this ward, which hath an Alderman his deputie, common Councellors foure, Constables foure, Scauengers foure, of the Wardmote inquest thirteene and a Beadle. It is taxed to the fifteene, in Lon
, at 19. £. and in the Exchequer’ at 19.l.

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