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BRidgewarde within, so called of London Bridge, which Bridge is a principall parte, of that warde, and beginneth at the stulpes on the southende by Southwarke, runneth along the bridge, and North vp Bridge
, commonly called (of the Fishmar
ket) New Fishstreete, from Fishstreete hil, vp Grassestreete, to the North corner of Grasse Church, all the bridge is replenished on both the sides with large, fayre and beautifull buildings, inhabitants for the most part, rich Marchantes, and other wealthie Citizens, Mercers and Ha
In new fishstreete be Fishmongers, and fayre Tauerns: on Fishstreete hill, and Grassestreete, men of diuers Trades, Gro
cers and Habardashers.
In Grassestreete haue yee one fayre Conduite of sweete wa
ter, castellated with Crest and Uente, made there by the appoint
ment of Thomas Hill Maior in the yeare 1484. who gaue by his Testament, one hundred markes towardes the conuayance of water
Water Con
duire in Grassestreete.
to this place. It was begunne by his Executors, in the yeare, 1491. and finished of his goodes whatsoeuer it cost.
On the east side of this Bridge warde, haue yee the fayre Parrish Church of S. Magnus, in the which church haue béene buried many men of good worship, whose monumentes are now for the most part vtterly defaced. I find Henrie Yeuele Free
mason to Edwarde the thirde, Richarde the second, and Henry the fourth, who deceased 1400. his monuments yet remaineth: VVilliam Bramptō, Iohn Michel Mayor 1436 Iohn French Baker, Yeoman of the Crowne, to H. the 7.1510 Robert Clarke Fishmonger 1521. Richard Turke one of the Sheriffs 1549. VVilliam Steede Alderman, Richard Morgan knight, chiefe Iustice of the common place 1556, Robert Branch Gird
ler, 1567. Robert Belgraue Girdler, VVilliam Brame, Iohn Couper Fishmonger Aldermā, who was put by his turn of Maio

deceased, 1571. in the parish of S. Christopher, but was buried there, as in the Parish where hee was borne. Robert Har
Salter one of the Sheriffes, 1568. Symon Low, Mar
chant Taylor Esquier.
Then is the parrish Church of S. Margaret on Fishstreete hill, a proper Church, but monumentes it hath none: a foote way passeth by the South side of this Church, from Fishstreete hil into Rotherlane. Up higher on this hil is the parish Church of S. Leonard,
parish church of S. Leonard milke church.
Milke church so termed of one VVilliam Melker, an especiall builder thereof, but commonly called S. Leonardes in East Cheape, because it standeth at East Cheape corner. Mo
numentes there bee of the Doggetes, namelie, VValter Dog
Uintner, one of the Sheriffes, 1380. Iohn Dogget Uintner, and Allice his wife, about 1456. this Iohn Dogget gaue lands to that Church, VVilliam Dogget, &c.
This Church, and from thence into little East cheape to the east ende of the saide Church, is of the Bridge warde.
Then higher in Grassestreete is the parish Church of Saint Bennet, called Grasse Church, of the Herbe market there kept: this Church also is of the Bridge warde, and the farthest North end thereof: some monumentes remaine there vndefaced, as of Iohn Harding Salter, 1576. Iohn Sturgeon, Chamberlaine of London, &c. The customes of Grasse church market, in the raigne of Edwarde the third, as I haue reade in a booke of Cu
stomes were these: euery Forren cart laden with corne, or mault comming thether to be solde, was to pay one halfe pennie, euery Forren cart bringing cheese two pence euerie cart of corn & cheese together, (if the cheese be more worth then the corn) two pence, and if the corne bee more worth then the cheese, it was to pay a halfepennie, of two horses laden with corne or maulte, the Bay
liffe had one farthing, the cart of the Franchise of the Temple and of S. Martins le grand, payed a Farthing: the cart of the Hos
pitall of S. Iohn of Ierusalem, paide nothing for their proper goodes, and if the corne were brought by Marchants of sel againe, the loade paid a halfepennie, &c.
On the west side of this ward, at the north end of London bridge is a part of Thames streete, which is also of this warde, to wit so much as of old time was called Stocke Fishmonger Row, of the

stockfishmongers dwelling there, downe west to a water gate, of old time called Ebgate, since Ebgatelane, & now ye old swan, which is a common stayre on ye Thames, but the passage is very narrow by meanes of incrochments. On this south side of Thames stréet about the midway betwixt the bridge foote, and Ebgate lane, stan
deth the Fishmongers hall, and diuers other fayre houses for mar
chants. These Fishmongers were sometime of two seuerall com
panies, to wit, Stocke-fishmongers, and salt fishmongers,
mongers and salt Fishmon
gers vnited.
and were vnited in the yeare 1536. in the 28. of Henry the eight, their Hall to be but one, in the house giuen vnto them by the Lord Fanhope, in the parish of S. Michæl Crooked lane, whereas be
fore they had seueral halles, in Thames stréet twaine, in new fish
twain, & in old fish stréet twain, in all six seueral halles.
Fishmongers had sixe seue
rall halles.
This company was so great as I have read in the recordes of the To
: now worne out of knowledge to the company, who bee not able so much as to shewe the reason, why they were ioyned in fellowshippe with the Goldsmithes, and doe giue their armes, &c. On that south side of Thames stréete, haue ye Drink wa
ter wharfe
, and Fish Wharfe in the parish of S. Magnus. On the North side of Thames street is S. Martins lane, a parte of which lane is also of this ward, to wit, on the one side to a well of water, and on the other side as farre vp as against the said well. Then is S. Michæls lane, part whereof is also of this. Warde vp to a well there &c. Then at the vpper end of new fishstreete, is a lane turning towards S. Michæls lane, and is called crooked lane, of the crooked windings thereof. Aboue this lanes end, vp
on Fishstréet hill, is one great house, for the most part builded of stone, which pertained somtime to Edward the black prince,
Edward the black prince.
son to Edward ye 3. who was in his life time, lodged there. It is now al
tered to a common hosterie, hauing the black bel for a signe: Aboue this house at the top of fishstréet hill is a turning into great East
, and so vp to the corner of Lombard street, ouer against the Northwest corner of Grasse church, and these be the whole bounds of this Bridge ward within: the which hath an Alderman and his deputie, for the Common counsaile 16. Constables 15. Sca
uingers 6. for the Wardemote inquest 16. and a Beadle. It is taxed to the fifteene in London at fifty pound, and in the exchec
quer at 49. pound, ten shillings.


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