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This page presents a set of statistics on documents, links, and database content in the MoEML project.


Locations in early modern London. For places that appear in multiple spaces, see Generic Places.
Total number of locations drawn onto the Agas Map: 753
Total number of locations with geocoordinates added: 234
Total number of tagged placenames across the site: 29399
Number of placename variants across the site: 6914

Primary Source

Digital editions of primary source documents such as mayoral shows and Stow’s Survey of London.


Project documentation.


Documents providing information about the MoEML project.
Document type Published All
About MoEML 59 63
Project CV 1 1
News 3 3
Legal 1 1
People 3 3
Blog Posts 14 16


Total number of people in the personography: 4572
Total number of historical people in the personography: 3791
Total number of contributors in the persongraphy: 410
Total people tagged across the site: 44206

Distinct Contributors

Number of distinct roles played in the project since 1999.
Annotators: 1
Authors: 110
Author of Introductions: 6
Booksellers: 7
CSS editors: 7
Compilers: 12
Conceptors: 12
Conservators: 1
Contributors: 3
Copy editors: 12
Creators: 1
Data Contributors: 2
Data managers: 6
Degree supervisors: 3
Editors: 11
Geographic information specialists: 9
Guest editors: 14
Markup editors: 43
Metadata contacts: 6
Printers: 18
Programmers: 3
Project directors: 2
Project managers: 1
Proofreaders: 13
Research team heads: 1
Researchers: 27
Toponymists: 29
Transcribers: 31
Vetters: 7


Total number of organizations in the orgography: 116
Total number of livery companies in the orgography: 37
Total number of playing companies in the orgography: 11
Total number of modern organizations in the orgography: 18
Total number of pedagogical partners in the orgography: 24
Total number of other organizations in the orgography: 26
Total number of organizations tagged across the project: 2754


Total number of bibliographic items in the bibliography: 1732
Total number of primary source bibliographic entries in the bibliography: 470
Total number of secondary source bibliographic entries in the bibliography: 1214
Total number of tagged bibliographic items across the site: 4897


Total number of glosses in the glossary: 86
Total number of distinct authors of gloss entries: 12
Total number of tagged glosses across the site: 224

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