New Directions

We are currently funded by a SSHRC Insight Grant (2012–16). Our proposal summary and expected outcomes are available here.
We have recently launched our new interactive map that allows scholars and students to generate their own maps of London with pinned sites, routes, and points of interest. Custom drawing tools allow users to draw points, polygons, lines, and multi-line strings on the map; save their own map; and create links to customized maps.
Ongoing projects include:
  • Drawing and checking features on the interactive Agas map.
  • An edition of John Stow’s A Survey of London. We are planning a versioned edition of the complete 1598, 1603, 1618, and 1633 texts. Each successively longer text comments on changes to each location since the previous edition. Together, the four texts give us astonishingly rich detail about the tranformation of London over the period of its most rapid growth. As our progress chart attests, our edition of the 1598 text is nearly ready to be published. Editorial team Janelle Jenstad, Kim McLean-Fiander, and Nathan Phillips, along with Research Affiliate Sarah Milligan, Personography Researcher Meredith Holmes, and RA Catriona Duncan, have tagged every place, person, and date in the text. A draft view is available upon request by emailing We’ll move on to 1633 next, then 1618, and finally 1603. The edition will include versioning tools and open-access digital surrogates of the editions of the Survey. The 1633 Survey was donated to the UVic Library by Janelle Jenstad, and 1603 and 1618 are made available courtesy of Gordon Fulton. We are looking for a 1598 Survey to photograph so we can make digital images of it available.
  • The world’s first complete collection of all the Elizabethan and Jacobean mayoral pageant books. The first batch of published texts is available in our Library. The other pageant books are in draft.
  • Our pedagogical partnership, linking MoEML with classrooms around the world.
We are actively seeking contributions to complete stubs and empty locations pages in our Encyclopedia.

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