The Triumphs of the Golden Fleece

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Of The

Performed at the coſt and charges of the
Auncient and Honourable Societie of the
Drapers: For the enſtaulment of their Wor
thy Brother Mr. Martin Lvmley in the
Maioraltie of

On Wedneſday, being the nine and twentieth day
of October 1623

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Printed by T.S. 1623.

Printer’s ornament.

ſhipfull and worthy Gentlemen,
Mr. John Gualter, Mr. John Foſter, Mr. Ro-
bert Awbrey
, Mr. Walter Couentry, the Mai-
ſters, Wardens Batchelers, and their Aſſiſtant
Brethren of the Auncient and Honorable

Companie of the Drapers.1

TO you worthie Gentlemen,
whoſe prouident care and
liberall coſt, hath runne
through the troubleſome
trauaile of ſo ſerious an
employment, doe I iuſtly, and (as no more
then is your due) dedicate this poore
paines of mine, which might haue beene
more, had time ſo fauoured; but ſuch as
it is, take you the honour of my beſt en-

A 2

The Epiſtle Dedicatorie.

deauour, in this dayes Triumphes of the
Golden Fleece, and what ſer-
uice elſe you ſhall pleaſe to commaund

Your poorelouing Brother,

A. Mundy.

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Printer’s ornament.

of the Golden Fleece:
Gracing the Triumph-day, for the Inaugu-
ration of the Drapers worthy Brother,
Mr. Martin Lvmley, in the Maio-
raltie of London, for the yeare

FIrſt, for the water-Ser-
uice in the Morning,
when his Lordſhip ta-
keth Barge for his
Conuoye to Weſtmin-
, accompanied with the Knights
and Aldermen, his worthie Brethren
of ſeuerall Societies, and all the other
Companies in their Triumphall Bar-
ges, with Drummes, Fifes, Trumpets,

The Triumphs of

and other Iouiall Inſtruments: There
is readily mounted on a Barge of apt
conueyance, a beautifull and curious
Argoe, ſhaped after the old Grecian
Antique manner, not with Maſtes
and Sayles, as prepared for rough and
boyſtrous Seas; but like to the Grecian
Argoes, for carriage of paſſengers, in
time of calme and gentle weather, ha-
uing Bankes for men to ſit and rowe
with Oares, for more quicke and agile
paſſage on the Seas.
This Argoe, figureth that of ſo great
fame and renowne, wherein Prince
Jaſon, and his valiant Argonautes of
Greece, paſſed to Colchos2, to fetch from
thence the Golden Fleece; which is the
Creaſt of the DRAPERS Armorie,
and therefore the maine motiue, of our
imploying the Inuention, alluding to
that famous Morall, and auncient Hi-

the Golden Fleece.

VVee ſuppoſe this Argoe to be re-
turned from Colchos, purpoſely to ho-
nor this Triumphall day, by the rare
Arte of Medea the Enchantreſſe, that
kept the Fleece there ſo long a time, and
where with ſhe was now the more wil-
ling to part; in regard of her affection
to the DRAPERS Companie, to
whom ſhe gave it freely, for an honor
and Ornament to their Armes.
And to make the Triumph the more
ful of Maieſty, ſhe vouchſafed to come
her ſelfe in perſon, attended with the
faire Queene Irene her daughter, and
accompanied with the famous Princes
Jaſon, Hercules, Telamon, Orpheus, Ca-
and Pollox, all armed with fayre
guilt Armours; and bearing Trium-
phall Lances, wreated about with
guilded Laurell, and curious Shields,
all carrying the Impreſſe of the Golden

The Triumphs of &c.

Sixe Tributarie Indian Kings, hol-
ding their ſeuerall dominions of Me-
, and liuing in vaſſalage to her: are
commaunded by her to rowe the Ar-
goe, all of them wearing their Tribu-
tarie Crownes, and Antickely attired
in rich habiliments.
The Seruice being performed vpon
the VVater, the like is done on the
Land3, all the reſt of the day following:
alwayes attending his honors ſeruice,
and for adding the more ſplendor to
the Triumphs Solemnitie.
VVhatſoeuer credit or commenda-
tion (if any at all) may attend on the
Artefull performance of this poore de-
uiſe it belongeth to the Arts-Mai-
ſters, Richard Simpſon and Nicho-
las Sotherne
4, and freely I giue it to
A. M.


  1. Bleed through; deciphered through context. (KLM)
  2. Colchos refers to the Kingdom of Medea from Greek mythology, Colchis; home to the Golden Fleece, Colchis was the destination of Jason and the Argonautes (Encyclopaedia Britannica). (KLM)
  3. The Lord Mayor’s show in 1623 had two separate authors for each the land and water pageants. Thomas Middleton wrote the land show, The Triumphs of Integrity, performed after Munday’s Water show. For more information on the trajectory of Lord Mayor’s shows, see Hill. (KLM)
  4. Bergeron notes that this is the only record of Munday’s acknowledgement of Sotherne’s and Simpson’s involvement with pageants. (Bergeron 142). (KLM)


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The 1623 mayoral pageant consisted of two shows: The Triumphs of the Golden Fleece was the water show and The Triumphs of Integrity was the land show.